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Full guitar services: set-ups, fret/bone nut, and custom electronics

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Ken Jackson - Owner

I started playing almost 50 years ago when I got my first guitar, a Univox High-Flyer.  My love and passion for music has only grown over the years since. 

After re-collecting  the first 5 guitars I originally had - 74' Univox High-Flyer, 77' Ibanez 2350 Custom, 78' Hamer Sunburst, 79' Peavey T-60, 79' Ibanez ST-300 - and at the urging of my beautiful wife, I took my passion for working on guitars to the next level and attended The Chicago School of Guitar Making.

After finishing work in the school I realized I needed to pursue my dream of having my own shop. When we moved back to "our happy place" in the hill country of Texas, I started looking for a space where I could work on guitars and tube amps full time. 

Spring Branch Texas is the home for SK Guitars. The shop opened in fall of 2022 and has seen a steady increase in interest from the many musicians in the area as well folks from Austin, San Antonio, and many other places.

My shop is a special place. I've worked hard to create a space where musicians, and everyone, feel relaxed, welcomed, and comfortable. The shop has many different types and styles of guitars and amps. This unique environment provides an opportunity to experience different sounds, feels, and sensations of sonic values. 

Welcome to SK Guitars.




Full Vacuum Tube Amp Service

Whether you have a vintage vacuum tube amp or a newer re-issue one, we can help. From diagnosis, to tube replacement, to filter cap and transformer problems we can put your amp back to proper working condition. 

Electric Guitar Service

At SK Guitars we offer full service for all electric guitar issues. From string changes and professional set-ups to full custom builds, we have you covered. 

Acoustic Guitar Repair and Service

From grandpa's Harmony to a new Takamine, we offer bone nut, fretting, and bridge and bracing repairs.  

SK Guitars...a different guitar shop 

Stop by and see what a caring, passionate, and unique guitar shop looks and feels like. At SK Guitars, we care about your gear like it was our own.

SK Guitars

9644 US Hwy 281 N. and FM 311,  Spring Branch, TX 78070


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